‘Free Choice’ Livestock Mineral Wagon

Part of the expanding range of Regenerative Farming equipment, Auscrimper manufacture and supply ‘Free Choice’ Livestock Mineral Wagons and Water Medicator Trailers to maximise your livestock production and health.

Free Choice Livestock Mineral Wagon
Why waste profits feeding the entire heard the same minerals when each animal does not necessarily have the same needs? The Auscrimper Mineral Wagon allows you to provide wider variety of minerals than a ‘lick block’ offers. And, with easily interchangeable options for each paddock and season’s need, you can better tailor your feeding to your livestock’s need.

Mineral Wagon Benefits

The Auscrimper heavy duty Mineral Wagon provides these benefits:

The Auscrimper Mineral Wagon:

‘Free Choice’ Mineral Wagons value the animal’s intelligence by enabling the livestock to choose their own individual nutritional requirements. To achieve this several robust containers of a variety of macro- and micro-minerals are placed either side of the covered trailer. Livestock come and go as they please, obtaining their daily mineral requirements.

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